Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eric Shanteau - My Olympic Hero

There is not a single person who loves the Olympics more than I do. I ljust ove the idea of the world coming together and showing off the best of the best. But I am especially loving it this year! Last September I was honored to take Ryan & Hayley Shanteau's wedding pictures. Ryan's brother just happens to be Eric Shanteau who is swimming for the US Swim Team in Beijing. Eric is a true inspiration to me because although he is an incredible swimmer he is also a hero battling testicular cancer. I know Hayley through Camp Sunshine, an organization that sends children with cancer to summer camp and Eric is truly a hero for these kids to look up to.

If you would like to read more about Eric Shanteau click here. I will be cheering him on throughout the Olympics and through his battle with cancer!

Eric Shanteau (Left) with his dad and brother Ryan.

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Mary Robinson said...

Eric is an amazing inspiration and an incredibly talented athlete. He also happens to be easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo.