Monday, August 11, 2008

08.08.08 - Melissa & George

George & Melissa were married this Friday on 8.8.08 and one of the first things George said to me when I got to the wedding was "It's 88 degrees"! It was a very rare, beautiful August evening at the Carlyle House in Norcross, GA. Melissa just has an incredibly infectious smile and her and George just made pictures so much fun because of how genuinely happy they were to be getting married!

I love them seeing each other for the first time - they were super cute!
I also really love this pictures because there is so much going on but George is just holding hands, staring at his beautiful bride!

So, I usually post the pictures of the first kiss but I just loved Melissa's smile right after...

I'll be back tomorrow with Jackie & John's engagement pictures so check back!

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