Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jenn & Chris Engagements

Tonight I got together with Jenn & Chris at one of my favorite locations - Marietta Square. I loved watching this couple through the camera as they argued about whether or not Chris should take off his Live Strong bracelet or whether or not he was smiling :). I truly believe that you can tell the true cancer supporters and survivors if they are still wearing those bracelets now that the fad has worn off (my husband still proudly wears his and I would have lost the argument as well if I was trying to get him to take it off :). I also loved how Chris just buries his face in Jenn - such a cute trait!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chris & Mike Wedding Reception

So this isn't something that I normally do but on Monday I went to Gatlinburg, TN to take pictures for Chris & Mike's wedding reception (I was only hired for the reception). Chris recently moved here from the Philippines and she was just radiant! We ducked out of the reception to get some pictures of the bride and groom as well.

Tears of joy...

The apple of his eye (or at least his sunglasses :)

Wendy & Michael

Last Saturday Wendy & Michael were married at the Log Cabin Church in Atlanta. This is one of my favorite locations to take pictures because of its very natural, rustic charm complete with red doors to the church. Wendy is one of those people that is so easy to get to know and talk to and I have truly enjoyed getting to know this couple through all the times we have taken pictures together. Enjoy!

The very minute we finished taking pictures it started to of course we had to capture that as well!

A few pictures from the reception held at the Marriott Courtyard.
Another great first dance performance! (This is Sandy & Danny from Grease singing "You're the One That I want" - Love it!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wendy's Bridal Portraits

In just a few minutes I am headed to Wendy & Michael's wedding. Before I left I thought I would share with you some of Wendy's bridal portraits. Wendy was such a sport with the things that I asked her to do. We started at Barrington Hall in Roswell and then made our way around downtown and accidently found some very neat places. I'll post pictures from the wedding in a few days when I get back but here are a few pictures of this beautiful bride in the meantime!