Monday, July 7, 2008

Lauren & Caleb Engagements

Last Thursday I also got together with Lauren & Caleb at Berry College for some engagement pictures. First of all, I have to say that I really do believe I have the most beautiful people to take pictures of and Lauren & Caleb are absolutely no exception. They are so beautiful inside and out and the lighting on this Thursday evening just really made them shine! Lauren has such an infectious smile and I love that she laughs in so many of these pictures.

So, you've seen a walking picture in the last couple of posts but I just really think there is something about a couple walking hand in hand in a photograph. Here's another one (I just love the mountains in the distance!):

This one is my absolute favorite - the lighting was just perfect!

Totally their idea and a very cute one!

The couple really wanted to take pictures in the places that were most special to them as a couple so we went over to the bridge on Broad Street. I hadn't really gone there for pictures before but I'm so glad that we did!

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Alex said...

Looked like a beautiful wedding. Check out this blog when you have a minute: