Saturday, July 12, 2008

Help Pets Victimized by Foreclosures!

This morning I was getting ready to head out the door for a wedding when I heard something on the Today Show that really spoke to me and made me very sad at the same time. They interviewed a little girl who started this website: She started this organization because there are so many homeless pets due to the number of foreclosures the market is seeing right now. Everytime you play the trivia game on this website you are donating food to shelters for these dogs! What an amazing little girl to start something so wonderful!

I had to immediately go and hug my sweet little dog after this story so I thought I would post one of my most recent pictures of him.

Whitney & Matt are getting married today and I am so very happy for them! I will be posting a few of Whitney's Bridal Portraits when I get back as well as some wedding pictures in a few days. Have a great Saturday!

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