Sunday, November 25, 2007

Melissa & George Engagements

Among so many other things, I am so thankful for my job as a photographer! I just could not love my job more! So it was very fitting to take pictures just a few days after Thanksgiving just to remind me how thankful I really am. Melissa & George are just such a precious couple. Yesterday, the sky was just a perfectly painted blue...not the vibrant blue sky I am used to in the fall but it literally looked like a painted blue sky with with brush strokes. The leaves held on for just a few more days for us at the always beautiful Berry College. George is a good friend of mine from Berry and I was so honored to meet his beautiful fiance. We had so much fun catching up and taking pictures. I can't wait until your wedding!!!

This last picture is one of my most favorite engagements ever. The light was shining perfectly on Melissa's face and the lights were just so beautiful!!!

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Bri said...

Katherine. . . this is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. You are an absolutely brilliant photographer! I adore you!